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At the library

So im at the library and theres this guy walking around me and my friends. hes a big creeper. also colleen saw a old guy looking at porn. it was weird. i didnt get to see him. but if i did, i would be like "hey old guy. why are you looking at porn?" and he would have been like "im old" adn i would have been like "i know". were being really loud

Happy Birthday!

Wishing you the best, Ritzy_kun! Hope you have a fantabulous birthday :D If I had any money, I would buy you a present... hope that counts


Vampire Chronicles

So my mom gave me her collection of Anne Rice, and I can't put it down! I'm about three-quarters done with Interview with the Vampire, and amazed at Lestat's bitch attitude! Um, I've read around, like The Vampire Armand (by far my favorite one) and Memnoch the Devil (second by one vote), but starting from the beginning is fun as well. So if anyone wants to talk about it, you know, later, I would be happy to have a conversation. Not an RP invite, just a chat.

The Mist

There is so much fog out here, its so scary! This morning, before I left the house, my mom told me to get inside the school quick because the fifth dimentsional monsters were coming. I wasn't going to even go to school after that but she was like "They can't get you in the car." I want to go home T.T


What are pennies?

Are they the little brown things that I throw away?


I need to be sucked into the Heart Gold and Soul Silver fandom! I don't have enough money to get these fucking games, but I LOVE pokemon!

Uh, I need updates on Naruto chapters, I dont want to read them for myself. I want someone to tell me what happens.

I wish I had Kaiba's trenchcoat.

I just got Obelisk the Tormenter from a Shonen Jump issue. So happy!

I want to go outside, but I dont want to not sit down.

Um. The End!